Student Government


Student Government

Sponsor: Carleen Bullinger 

student government




  • To plan, organize, advertise, prepare, and carry out school activities for Mountain View High School students
  • To determine and practice values and principles related to leadership 
  • To perfect the skills of teamwork and cooperation
  • To actively seek and diligently represent the opinions and ideas of the Student Body
  • To establish and maintain positive working relationships with the administration, faculty, parents, the community at large and other schools in and out of the district on behalf of the students we represent
  • To provide support for and to coordinate the efforts of other organizations at this school  



  • Must maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Must have less than 5 unexcused absences/tardies/early dismissals
  • Must not be assigned detention or out of school suspension during the course of the academic year
  • Must demonstrate good character and honorable behavior
  • Must perform assigned responsibilities 
  • Must perform 10 hours of community service per quarter = 20 hours for the year 


Behavior Requirements

As a member of Student Council, it is expected that students act as a role model and leader at all times.  Student Council members represent Mountain View High School.  As a result, all actions impact and directly influence how the school and community perceive our student body.  Actions must demonstrate good character and honorable behavior both in school and out in the community.  

  • Members of Student Council must adhere to the above mentioned requirements.
  • Students must demonstrate a positive morale, recognizing that negative speech and attitudes damage the overall attitude and unity of the student body. 
  • In order to become an effective leader, one must also be able to follow.   Students are expected to show respect to all leaders at all times.  Disrespect and incivility to authority figures will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the class.
  • Students must also demonstrate a spirit of teamwork and cooperation with other student council members at all times.  Arrogance, unkindness or disrespect towards other members undermines the unity of the council. 



Students will receive points for the following:

  • Participation in class
  • Participation in activities
  • Personal leadership development
  • Community service and involvement

Not only will point values be based on participation in class and in activities, but the student will also be assessed according to behavior. 

Student council members must attend Student Council sponsored activities before or after school when scheduled to do so.   Failure to show will result in reduction in the students’ participation grade.  Repeated failures to show may result in suspension from Student Council.    If there is a conflict, please let the instructor know in advance.  

Students will be expected to engage in volunteer service for the community during the school year.  This is in order to develop confidence, leadership ethic and connectedness to the community.  Volunteer activities performed by Student Council (i.e., preschool assistance, elementary school work, etc.) may be counted in the required hours.