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Course Description: This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to produce the school yearbook, which offers a complete record of an entire school year. The year begins by planning the coverage for the school year. This course provides the study of and practice in gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, and photography. At times, deadlines require that staff members work after school. Students will learn good work habits and are responsible for all phases of yearbook publication.

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

1. apply the basic principles of page design and layout

2. operate software

3. write copy for captions and text

4. shoot, select, and crop photographs for layout

Class Expectations:

Positive Attitude – If everyone keeps a positive attitude and is willing to lend a helping hand then our life will go much smoother for the next nine months. Yearbook is incredibly stressful at times. Be aware of your stress and how it affects the way you interact with your peers.

Classroom Management – As a student of Mountain View High School you are responsible for knowing and following all policies in the handbook. I should know where you are at any given moment. I expect mature behavior. When you are in the halls or other teachers’ classrooms you are a representative of the entire staff and your actions reflect each of us.

After School Hours – Unfortunately there is no way to complete all the necessary work during our limited class time. Each staff member must be committed to the completion of all pages even if it requires after school work time.

Deadline Policy – It is a simple fact of life; the real world revolves around deadlines. FAILURE TO MEET DEADLINES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Grading: Students will be assessed on meeting deadlines and the quality of work produced including layout design and cropping photos. Students’ grades will also be greatly assessed by their work ethic.