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Kolby Hilderbrand

English Language Arts

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Purple Day 

White Day


College English 



English 9

English 12



English 12


School Skills

Critical Thinking and Reading

Welcome to English and Reading! 
My name is Kolby Hilderbrand, many students call me HB. I look forward to working with you this school year! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or come in before or after school or during my prep time which you will find to above! 

(307)782-6340 ext. 7237



We will be utilizing the class set of Chromebooks and the computer lab to work in class. There will be no food or drink when we have the computers out.


Unless I specifically say that you may have your cell phones out, you must put them in the “Cell Block”. If you feel for any reason that you should be exempt from the class cell phone policy, we can make an appointment with Mr. Carr to discuss options for you and your cell phone. 


You should have all of your materials out and be in your seat before the bell rings. The bell signals the beginning of our learning time and we will begin class promptly.
You should bring all of your materials with you to class. Being prepared shows that you care about your learning.
I will not accept excuses. In this classroom, we will all take ownership for our actions.
We will make a commitment to classroom safety and school property by keeping all four legs of the chairs on the floor and not sitting on top of the tables.

Failure to comply with the classroom non-negotiables will result in a loss of points each class period.