MV Elem Music K-2


Fall, 2018

Dear Parents

The Kindergarten & First Grade students are learning our holiday program, “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in our music classes!

The program will be held in the MVHS Auditorium on Wed., November 28, at 7:00pm.
Doors will open at 6:30pm.  The balcony is usually open for the elementary programs also.

We will ask that the Kindergarten students report to the high school Guitar Room at 6:40, ready to perform.
We will also ask that the First Grade students report to the high school Band/Choir Room at 6:40 ready to perform.

Please keep your child’s jacket & belongings with you during the program.

Parents may pick up their child in the appropriate room after the concert. 
Please understand that, for safety purposes, your child’s classroom teacher needs to see who picks up each of their students.

We will be asking students to wear an article of clothing that is red, in honor of Rudolph’s nose!
Please make sure any extras such as hats do not distract your child from their performance and do not block other families’ view of their child behind yours!
We will also ask that the children wear normal shoes during the performance since the weather could be cold and snowy.

We will keep the students at the front of the auditorium following the completion of the program for any parents that would like to take a photo.
If you choose to take a photo during the performance please turn off your flash so as not to distract our student performers.
Please remember that any videotaping of the program for personal use is fine but we do not have permission to post any videos online!

Your student’s class speaking part will be coming home with them soon and we would really appreciate you helping your child learn their part!

 If you have any questions please feel free to call or email!


 Mrs. Limoges


November, 2018

Dear Parents

The Kindergarten & First Grade students are going to have a few special add-ons to their holiday program, “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
For one of our add-ons we would like to have a little help from home!

 We are singing, “The Most Wonderful Day of the Year,” which in the movie, happens on the Island of Misfit Toys.
We would like each student to bring a small toy to use with the choreography for this song.

 The toy should be no bigger than a Barbie doll as the students have to hold and move it during the song.
Please put your child’s name in a visible spot on their toy.
Make sure it’s not their favorite toy as they will need to leave it at the school until the evening of the program, Wednesday, Nov. 28th.

 Please send their toy to school with them no later than Monday, Nov. 26!

 If you have any questions please feel free to call or email (

Thanks for your help!

Mrs. Limoges