K-2 Elementary Music

Kindergarten Orff Class
About once a week, each kindergarten class has the opportunity to have an extra music class in the morning! In this class I teach them music using specific teaching methods, Orff and Kodaly. Among other things, students learn how to play a variety of musical instruments, how to play and sing together as an ensemble, and even the basics of reading music. In this class they are learning new musical concepts that are different from the other important concepts they learn in their regular afternoon music class.

K-2 Elementary Music
Along with Mrs. Lori Limoges, I teach general music to grades K-2. In these classes children learn countless valuable musical concepts to provide a great foundation for their future as musicians. 

K-1 Holiday Program, directed by Mrs. Limoges
Wednesday November 29th 7:00 PM MVHS Auditorium

2-3 Holiday Program, directed by Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Phillips
Wednesday December 6th 7:00 PM MVHS Auditorium