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Physical Edcation

PE Standards:

1. Movement- Students demonstrate competency in movement forms and apply movement concepts and principles to learning and development of motor skills.

2. Fitness- Students demonstrate fitness literacy and behaviors associated with it. 

3. Personal and Social Behavior- Students demonstrate personal and social responsibility, understand the benefits of physical activity, and respect diversity among people in physical activity settings.

Health Standards:

1. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention- Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention as related to

  • a. community health
  • b. environmental health
  • c. mental and emotional health
  • d. nutrition
  • e. prevention and control of disease
  • f. consumer health
  • g. family life and sexuality
  • h. injury prevention and safety
  • i. personal health
  • j. substance use, misuse, abuse, and addiction

2. Health Information, Products, and Services- demonstrate the ability to access valid health information and health-promoting products and services.

3. Self Management- Demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks.

4. Influence of Culture, Media, and Technology- Analyze the influence of culture, media, technology, and other factors on health.

5. Interpersonal Communications- Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health.

6. Goal Setting and Decision Making Skills- Demonstrate the ability to use goal setting and decision making skills to enhance health.

7. Advocating for Health- Demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community heatlh.





  • Dress out every day.
  • Participate in class every day.
  • Dress appropriately (see student handbook for dress code)
  • Be to class on time and dressed.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Treat teacher with respect.
  • Weights picked up and put back everyday.
  • Clean weight room.
  • Clean locker room.

Grading Scale:

  • 100-90 = A
  • 89-80 = B
  • 79-70 = C
  • 69-60 = D
  • 59 or below =F


Grading System:

  • 10 points per day
  • No Dress/Absence = 0 points
  • No Dress/Absence Policy- Students will receive a 0% for any no dress or absences. But students have the opportunity to make up their grade before or after school by running one-half mile or one mile. The distance will be determined by the teacher.
  • Tardy = -10 points
  • Behavior Problems = -1 to -10 points depending on severity
  • Lack of Participation = -1 to -10 points depending on severity
  • Absence = see me for make-up work

Classroom Daily Schedule  


  • Warmup
  • Plyometrics/Speed Drills 20 min.
  • Weight Lifting 50 min.
  • Stretching 10 min.

Advanced PE

  • Warmup
  • Plyometrics/Speed Drills 20 min.
  • Advanced Lifetime Sport Activity 50 min.
  • Stretching 10 min.

PE 9th Grade

  • Warmup
  • Plyometrics/Speed Drills 20 min.
  • Lifetime Sport Activity 50 Min.
  • Stretching 10 min.
  • Health Portion: 9 health projects