Class Information


COSC 1200 MS1- Computer Information Systems

3 Credits

This introductory, lecture/lab course provides students with a basic understanding and experience with computers. Students will be introduced to the basic functions of the microcomputer and software packages used by business. Hands-on experience will be provided through lab activities. This course is designed for the first-time user. Topics such as the following will be included: hardware, software, operating systems, communications, information systems, buying computers, and workplace issues.

COSC 1350 MS1 - Web Design I

3 Credits

Students will learn some of the most important topics of a prominent web programming language, from the basics of creating Web pages with graphics and links, using tables, and controlling page layout with frames, to more advanced topics including cascading style sheets, programming objects and events, creating a multimedia Web page, and creating a Web page with forms.


CMAP 1905 MS1- Integrated Applications

3 Credits

Integrated Applications offers individualized instruction on up-to-date word/information processing equipment using software packages applicable to business and industry, such as Microsoft Office Professional. Emphasis will be on building skills in using an integrated package including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, charts, and presentations. Students successfully completing this course should be prepared to take the Microsoft Office Specialist certification examination for Word Core and Excel Core.


Computer Programming

This course is an introduction to computer programming for students familiar with programming as well as those who have never programmed. We will first study the context in which to produce programs. Then we will study the nature of computer systems. We will then learn to use various design tools to which aid in the creation of programs. We will also explore some of the basics of a programming language.

"When you become a coder, you're perfecting yourself."

Course Syllabus

Multimedia Productions

This course is designed to help you learn about multimedia, understand the principles for creating multimedia projects, and practice creating multimedia applications. The purpose of this course is
to increase your understanding of multimedia concepts and skills. The exercises and assignments
will be a tool for demonstrating and documenting essential knowledge and competencies.

This course introduces students to the technologies that make up multimedia productions and will cover web, digital audio and digital video. Hardware, software, and basic workflow that is used by professionals to create various productions will be introduced.

Computer 1

In Computer Applications students will be introduced to and gain an understanding of operating environments, word processing, spreadsheets, database, Internet usage, telecommunications, multimedia, graphics, photographic editing, programming and emerging technologies. This course is a requirement for all students, and is the introductory class for all Business and Computer Science classes.