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Principal's Message

December 2021 Finals Information

12/13, Monday-Purple - 2nd & 4th Finals

12/14, Tuesday-White - 2nd & 4th Finals

12/15, Wednesday-Purple -1st & 3rd Finals

12/16, Thursday-White - 1st & 3rd Finals


Fri, 12/17 – Regular full school day. This is the final day of the first semester. WE have makeup finals in the afternoon. (If a student has an F grade in a class they should be in school trying to make up grades that afternoon.)  We will have an elective assembly for 8th—12th grade students, and then Student Council will be hosting Christmas themed movies (Grinch and Polar Express) in the afternoon.

 Students attend all classes as normal the entire week. (This is NOT college, where students don’t have to attend class unless they have finals. All attendance rules apply!)

 Students are not allowed to take final exams early. Each class will have some type of final, whether that is a project, unit test, or comprehensive final exam.

 We have a time for students to get additional support from teachers in-between 1st and second period. This is called AHT (Academic Honor Time) and is usually listed as “5th Period, but it still happens after 1st period! This is an excellent time to be preparing for your upcoming final exams!

Please feel free to contact Mr. Carr at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Ben Carr, Principal

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