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Principal's Message

ACT Best Practices!

Before Christmas break, Mrs. Hauf and Mr. Carr visited with all the junior students about the upcoming statewide
ACT test for juniors on April 11, 2023. Although this date feels like “next spring,” in school terms that test is right around the corner. Each year, every junior takes the ACT as a part of our school accountability process with the WDE. More importantly is how that ACT test can impact student eligibility for scholarships, financial aid, and even admission to college. This April ACT test date is our Super Bowl!

   Through the support of our school board we continue to offer a one-time ACT reimbursement for the ACT test if students take the test before the April test date. Last year we had 8 juniors submit for reimbursement on the ACT. Every single one of those students raised their scores when they took the statewide test in April. 

   2022 was unique in that seniors were allowed a retest opportunity on the ACT in October. After that retest for seniors, we had 5 seniors change their ACT score enough to qualify for a different level of Hathaway. We also had several students qualify for a different level of the UW Cowboy Commitment Scholarship because of that October retest. That is why the ACT is so important!

   There are numerous opportunities for seniors as they consider post-secondary options and - good or bad - the ACT can help pave the way. This is also why we continue to evaluate our ACT prep process during AHT so seriously.

   Starting in January junior students will be required to attend ACT prep with a teacher where they were work on an online ACT prep account purchased for students. Students will complete this ACT prep work during AHT on WHITE days. This allows students to continue to have that AHT time to work on their grades or homework on PURPLE days. Students who have a first period release will be required to attend their WHITE day AHT class in order to participate in the ACT prep. This has been communicated to those students.

   This is a new system for us and there are many advantages for us to begin ACT prep in January instead of waiting until March. I appreciate the work of several of teachers who developed this idea of improving ACT prep and helping do what is best for students. This ACT prep will begin next week. Please don’t hesitate to contact me (or to just catch me at a game or wrestling match) and let me know what you think or ask any questions.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Carr at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Ben Carr, Principal

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