Programming Syllabus
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This course is an introduction to computer programming for those who have never programmed. We will first study the context in which to produce programs. Then we will study the nature of computer systems. We will then learn to use

various design tools to which aid in the creation of programs. We will also explore some of the basics of a programming language.


1. Understand different problem solving steps used to solve a computer problem

2. How to solve computer problems that involve decisions, loops, sequential logic, and case logic

3. Flowcharting symbols that demonstrate the solution

4. Algorithms/Pseudo code for various problems

5. Understand data structures such as arrays and the different sorting techniques

6. Be familiar with both Visual Basic and C++ programming languages so that you can fairly choose a language to advance to, if desired.

Grading Scale:

90%-I 00% =A

80%- 89%=B

70% .79% - C A student's grade will be based upon total points.

60% .69% D


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1. Be On Time.

2. Bring All Necessary Supplies or you start over! .

3. No Food or Drinks In The Classroom.

4. No Late Homework Is Accepted.

-makeup work is due two days following an absence.

5. Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated

6. Do Not Abuse The Computers.