Student Council

This year's Student Council officers are:

Student Body President           Cortlin Condos

Student Body VP                     Aspen Fraughton

Student Body Secretary           Jenny Patterson

Student Body Treasurer          Jaylynn Watson


Senior Class President             Ashton Walk

Senior Class VP                       Haily Stephens

Senior Class Secretary             Michael Stoll

Senior Class Rep                      Kenzy Kellum


Junior Class President            Haylee Rudy

Junior Class VP                       Alli Rinker

Junior Class Secretary             Kyia Rice

Junior Class Rep                     Angelica Mosher


Sophomore Class President     Teancum Piekkola

Sophomore Class VP                Brooke Bindl

Sophomore Class Secretary     Ashley Thomas

Sophomore Class Rep              Maddi Aimone


Freshman Class President       Damon Schoengarth     

Freshman Class VP                  Trace Hadley

Freshman Class Secretary       Connor Antonino

Freshman Class Rep                Ashlee Tims


School Board Reps                  Michael Newton

                                                Mia Tucker

Click HERE to download the MVHS School Constitution.