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Interested in knowing what to purchase for school supplies for your student?
- Students should have a 3-ring binder with notebook paper or spiral notebook for each class. 
- Appropriate writing utensils.
- Highlighters as desired.
- Appropriate PE clothes and shoes (especially if in Weight Training or if a 9th grader). These clothes should be brought the first day of school.

Your child can discuss class-specific requirements with their teacher.

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Principal's Message

August 2021 Registration Information

· In-Person Registration Times: 11th & 12th Graders: Monday, August 23; 9th & 10th Graders: Tuesday, August 24; New Students or Catch Up Registration: August 25. Office will be open for registration from 8:30-11:30 & 12:00-3:00.

· 11th and 12th graders registering for school will pay a $30 Chromebook deposit when they register for school. 9th and 10th grade students will pay a $50 Chromebook deposit. (The 11th, and 12th graders have already paid a $20 Book Deposit and we will combine the two deposits. Incoming 9th and 10th graders haven’t paid the $20 book deposit yet.) Students get this deposit back when they graduate. All students will be issued a Chromebook as our network does not allow students to “bring their own device.” These deposits are in addition to regular course fees.

· MVHS students are only allowed one release period, this includes seniors. We require all students to have a full schedule unless they qualify for the single release time. A student must be on track to graduate on time if they are going to take a release period. 

· Incoming senior students who were not proficient on the ACT in Math must take a fourth year of math their senior year. Students must have a 20 on the Math subtest of the ACT in order to opt out of math as a senior.

· Junior and Senior students will be receiving their Hathaway check form in the mail before registration. Please return that paperwork signed by a parent to Mrs. Hauf at registration.

   We are looking forward to having all of our students back with us and starting an AWESOME school year this year. If you are new to MVHS there are a couple things that might help you get off to a great start for your school year:

   Come prepared for PE on the first day of school. All students will be issued lockers in the hallways, so even if you don’t have PE that first day, you can keep your PE clothes and shoes in your hallway locker. That way you are ready to go. All 9th graders take PE for the entire year.

    Have a notebook (spiral notebook or 3-ring binder) for each academic class. Teachers will let you know their specific expectations as school starts, but for students to have a notebook for each class is a great start.

   We will have a freshman orientation Tuesday, August 24 at 6:00 pm in the MVHS auditorium for new students and parents. This is a great way to “get the lay of the land” before school starts, even if you aren’t a 9th grader. This gives parents a chance to ask questions and for students to know where their first day classes are.

   We have a time for students to get additional support from teachers in-between 1st and second period. This is called AHT (Academic Honor Time) and is usually listed as “5th Period, but it still happens after 1st period!



Please feel free to contact Mr. Carr at if you have any questions.


Ben Carr, Principal

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