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School Closure Information for Students and Parents:

This information was originally emailed to parents on March 23, 2020.

Parents and Students:

In the next several days you will be receiving numerous contacts from high school teachers communicating with you and your high school student about online enrichment opportunities teachers will be offering for the next two weeks. With school buildings closed, we want to keep students engaged in the educational process as much as possible and give them some constructive and interesting learning activities during this time while they are away from school. These enrichment activities are OPTIONAL; they will not negatively affect a student's grade.

Providing this enrichment is allowing our teachers to troubleshoot their online delivery system and for us to see who the students are who do not have reliable internet service or are in need of a good electronic device to complete their school work on. We also feel that we our responsibility is to offer legitimate learning opportunities for all students despite our current situation. We have also asked teachers to be ready to offer make up work opportunities for those students who are behind in their classes so they could actually RAISE their grade during this time away from school. Teachers will be communicating those options to those specific students.

If you have a student who may struggle in a specific class, we know that can be frustrating, and this may be an excellent opportunity for them to work at their own pace and improve their grade. During this time, teachers will have office hours during the day when students can reach them via email. These office hours will be posted on the high school web page at The purpose of these office hours is for your student to communicate with their teacher during the day and get help or input on work being provided to them. We are also asking staff to post assignments generally using Google Classroom. These assignments will be posted at 8:00 am so students can check their email, see the work they can complete, and then plan their day accordingly.

If you know of a child (possibly your own) who needs a reliable computer or needs internet service, please email me so I can follow up with that student's parents.
We appreciate the support of families as we work through this difficult time for all schools, and we are looking ahead to the opportunities we can offer students in the future. Please don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions about this process as we move forward as a school district. Thank you. Ben Carr


Ben Carr, Principal

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