Class Information

Welcome to Beginning and Advanced Guitar. I am really looking forward to the upcoming school year. Please read over the Syllabus and mark Concert Dates on your Calendar.



Each day in class you will receive 10 participation points. To get all 10 points, you must participate and have your book and your guitar. If you are ABSENT for any reason, you will automatically lose your 10 points for that day. This may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind if 100 points are calculated (10 Days) and you miss two days out of 10 you would have 80 points out of 100 -- Automatic B in the class.

To make up points, you must take your book and Guitar home and practice on your own. I require a minimum of 30 minutes of practice time for each day missed. Practice Slips are in a folder, stapled to the bulletin board. You will have 1 week to make up days missed; after that, your points will be completely lost.

Points may also be taken away for inappropriate classroom behavior. This includes cell phone and electronic device use, tardiness, not following directions, language, etc.

These points cannot be earned back and will count negatively toward your final grade.

PARTICIPATION is 50% of your Final Grade. This includes Concert Attendance.


During the quarter, you will have periodic playing and/or written tests. These give me the opportunity to see where you are. You will be graded according to your playing ability.

TESTS will be 30% of your Final Grade


Each student will be REQUIRED to keep a 3-ring notebook which will be checked at the end of each quarter. Because of the large amount of supplement materials I use to teach with, A NOTEBOOK will act as another resource for you to keep music organized.

No folders will be accepted.

Your notebook should be divided into sections:

  1. Daily exercises (scales, technique, warm-up exercises)
  2. Ensemble music
  3. Extra music (strumming songs, finger-picking music, etc.)

Notebooks should be well-kept and organized with all pieces of music I hand out. If you are gone, please look on the table at the front of the classroom and obtain what you have missed. Points will be given according to neatness and organization. Plastic slip covers work very well and keep your music neat.

Notebooks will be checked each quarter and are 20 % of your Final Grade.


Letters will be given for participation in Guitar during any given school year. A total of 450 points is needed to letter. Below is the list of requirements and corresponding point values. If you fail to letter, your points will carry over to the next school year.

  • 300 pts-Student has made every required performance for the year
  • 150 pts-Each Solo or Ensemble performed separately at Music Festival
  • 50 pts-Individual Performance outside of school, must bring me a note

* In order to letter every year, students should plan on performing a solo or duet at Music Festival.


Daily Participation and Concert Attendance is a requirement for this class. If you miss a concert for any reason, you will lose an automatic 75 points.

Concert Dress: Girls-nice dress pants and top, or long dress. Boys-nice slacks and a collared shirt. No Gum or Hats.

You will also be required to attend Music Festival in Evanston ( APRIL). You will miss school all day for this State Event.

You will be assigned a seat and number. This corresponding number will be yours for the school year. It will be the number of your music stand, your book and Guitar. This should help keep Guitars organized in the classroom. When you come into class, please get out your Guitar and sit in your assigned seat.

Guitar Storage for the Beginning and Advanced Class will be the large storage room. Sections in the storage area will be marked according to classes. Please put your Guitar in its appropriate place, in the storage room and not in the classroom. If you are taking your Guitar home, you may set it outside the door and grab it after school.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for any Guitar that is left in the hallway and is damaged or walks off… Please take care of your assigned Guitar. We have been very fortunate to have a lot of school and outside support for this program and we are the only High School that allows students to loan a Guitar FREE for the school year. Other schools charge for instrument use.

If you wish to purchase a Guitar string or pick, please do so before class has started. Picks are 25 cents and strings are $1.00 each, available in my office

Because this is Guitar Class, it is assumed you will bring your Guitar. Don't forget your Guitar and think I will let you do homework all hour! Your English teacher wouldn't allow you to forget your reading book and let you play Guitar all hour. If you do forget your Guitar, I will have Back-up Guitars available; please see me before class.

Cell phone use and electronic device use is distracting and prohibited. I will give periodic breaks during class. If you need to leave class for any other reason, you must check out with me and a pass book should be signed.

No Food or Drink allowed During Guitar Class


I ______________________ went through the Course Syllabus for Guitar and I understand its contents. I specifically understand that this class involves a lot of participation and will attend class in a timely manner and will mark Concert Dates on my Calendar, so that I may plan ahead with my personal obligations.


Guitar Brand ______________________

Model # _________________________

School ID # _________________________

Case # _____________

I __________________ loaned a Mountain View High School Guitar for the ________ school year. The Guitar is in good condition and will be returned in the same condition. I understand that this guitar is my sole responsibility and will take care of it.

_____________________________ Student Signature Date: __________

_____________________________ Parent/Guardian Date:___________