Article of the Week

Article of the Week - September 30- October 4

Read the article entitled Has the Arab Spring Failed? in the September 16th edition of UpFront Magazine and complete the questions in the attachment below. 

Article of the Week: September 16th

1. Click on the link below and answer the following questions.  Your answers must be hand written and include complete sentences and proper grammar.  You are being graded for content knowledge from the article as well as writing mechanics.  


WHERE has a flood forced thousands of people to evacuate?
WHEN did this happen?
WHAT other nature-related challenges has that state endured in recent years?

HOW many people have died as a result of the flooding?
HOW many are unreachable or missing?
WHY can’t some family members reach one another?

WHO is William Martin?

WHEN is the rain expected to taper off?

For Higher-Order Thinking

According to meteorologists, recent wildfires in Colorado have affected the ground’s ability to absorb the rain. WHY is that? HOW do you think the flooding and evacuation that resulted would be different if the wildfires had been less severe?