Adv Ag Science

Advanced Agriculture Science

COURSE TITLE: Ag 2/ Ag Science

Agriculture Science will build upon many of the topics introduced in Ag1. We will learn about the science of agriculture from a biological point of view. Animals, plants, soil, and natural resources will take on a new meaning as you progress through this course. The identification, selection, anatomy, and genetics of plants and animals will be taught, as will as many other topics. You will conduct experiments relating to the topics discussed in class. All students may be involved in the F.F.A and will continue to expand their Supervised Agriculture Experiences. Leadership development will also be enhanced.

COURSE TITLE: Advanced Ag 3 and 4

This class will bring agriculture to life. You will learn and develop skills relating to the production of important agricultural products. The physiological processes and management of plant and animal production will be taught. We will also look at the importance of natural resources as they relate to agriculture and the area. Important issues relating to agriculture will be discussed. Field and laboratory work will be important aspects of this course. Students will continue to develop leadership skills and SAE's. F.F.A involvement is encouraged for all students enrolled in this course.